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Catch Basins & Drainage Troughs

The catch basins we provide are manufactured in round and rectangular configurations. The round catch basins are manufactured in 600mm, 750mm, and 900mm inside diameters. These catch basins are designed to accept a concrete lid that may have one of the various style openings we provide in order to suit the casting that is required. The rectangular catch basins are designed to have the cast iron frame and grate sit directly on top without the need for a concrete lid. Grade rings in various styles are provided in 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm thickness in order to achieve construction of finished grade.

We also manufacture drainage troughs for drainage collection across garage entrances, exterior pads and onsite roadways. These troughs are 2450mm (96") in length and are complete with interlocking tongue and groove for connecting multiple units. Further, we produce large drainage troughs that were originally designed for the Kelowna Airport and the higher loads associated with airport traffic. Each of these units are 3050mm (120") in length and are designed for a compression grouted connection.



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