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Retaining Walls

Kon Kast produces several different retaining wall systems ranging from the massive Durahold system for large commercial and highway projects to the split face segmental Geoforce system.

Our Durahold system would be used on commercial, municipal, highway and school projects where vandalism, liability, and traffic impact may be a design consideration. The standard block is 305 x 610 x 1825 (12"h x 24"w x 72"l) and weighs 773 kg. (1700 lbs.)

The Geoforce System is a pre-engineered split face segmental block and has an adjustable keyway that enables vertical walls or walls that batter at either 1:5 or 1:2.5. The system does beautiful radius curve walls and can be designed to heights of 1200mm (4 feet) without geogrid. With the addition of engineered geogrid, the system has been used in walls 5 metres (16 feet) high.

We also manufacture the Pisa II System, which is a split face design and batters at 1:8. It too can do radius curves as tight as 2100mm (7 feet), as well as 90-degree corners.

For lakeshore applications, Kon Kast also manufactures a Seawall Retaining Wall, which is a concrete barrier that measures 1067mm (42") in height and 3048mm (10 feet) in length with a 914mm (36") base width.



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