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Manhole Barrel

Kon Kast Products manufactures manhole barrel in the following inside diameters :

  • 900mm (36")
  • 1050mm (42")
  • 1200mm (48")
  • 1350mm (53")
  • 1500mm (60")
  • 1800mm (72")
  • 2100mm (84")
  • 2400mm (96")
  • 3000mm (120")

All sanitary and storm works manhole barrel is manufactured in accordance with CSA A257 and ASTM C-478 specifications. Each piece incorporates 300 mm aluminium ladder rungs complete with polyethylene anchor sleeves. The 1050 mm and 1200 mm ID barrel is manufactured with offset spigot ends for gasket sealing while the larger diameter manholes are manufactured with a mortar/mastic joint.

Manhole lids are available with 635 mm (25”) or 760 mm (30”) diameter openings. Lids can be provided with various rectangular openings as well, if required. Various grade rings are available in 50 to 150 mm thickness in order to achieve construction of finished grade, including tapered grade rings for adjustable castings.

Interlocking flat slab bases and pre-benched bases are available for all the sizes of barrel listed above. With respect to the pre-benched bases, the configuration of each individual base will vary depending upon pipe size, angles, and elevations. Please contact us for further information.

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